What are Therapy Programmes?

Therapy programmes are a cost effective way to implement specific therapeutic activities within your daily routine and are designed to target the development of new skills. Therapy Programmes can be designed for use at home, work or for school or in any other environment that you need to flourish!

What type of Therapy Programmes are available?

All programmes are designed with your unique needs in mind; however below a few examples of what are available

  • Developmental Programmes
  • Sensory Diet/ Approach Programmes
  • Fine Motor Skill Programmes
  • Gross Motor Skill Programmes
  • Postural / Strength Programmes
  • Oral Motor Programmes
  • Handwriting Programmes
  • Visual Perceptual Programmes
  • Toilet training Programmes
  • Self-Help / Self-Care Programmes
  • Organisational Programmes
  • Anxiety / Relaxation Management Programmes

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