“Moyna is so knowledgeable! so understanding and and very approachable, I loved this workshop and highly recommend Moyna to anyone”.

“Excellent training! 5 stars! I now want to go out and read more!”.

“I’m so pleased I came, this training helped me understand my child so much more. I really want Moyna to come to my sons school and deliver this course”.

“Moyna went above and beyond for this course!, I now know what has been causing the behaviours I am seeing both at work and at home with my son. I am so fascinated to learn more on this topic. Thank you!”.

“Moyna is really knowledgeable and her passion for this topic really shone through. I really enjoyed this course, thank you”.

“A Massive thank you to Moyna for the course I have been on today. I feel I understand my son so much more. I can not thank you enough”.

“I loved the openness of Moyna when she is presenting, everyone got to have a say and this really helped as I now know I’m not alone in my experiences. I would defiantly recommend her!”.