Moyna has worked with my son and his support team for several years now. She has always been completely patient, reliable and committed in supporting my son and myself as parent/carer. She has consistently gone above and beyond her role as an OT and has made an invaluable contribution to us as a family.

I do not know how I would have coped without Moyna’s support. She has been an invaluable advisor and has helped us ensure that my sons’ complex needs are understood and addressed. As I often say to her, I don’t know where I’d be without the help, she’s given us.

In the past my son had some painful experiences with OT due to his severe sensory processing issues being misunderstood. Consequently, he was very reluctant to see an OT. Also, psychotherapists who engaged with him were reluctant to accept, or did not fully understand, his sensory processing needs, which only made him more wary of therapists. Moyna was the first professional with whom we have worked who fully understood my son’s sensory processing challenges. Over time, thanks to her dedication, expertise and patience she has won my son’s trust by acknowledging his difficulties, by helping him to form a better understanding of them, and develop strategies that work.
She has also helped and trained us as parents and carers working with him to understand his sensory difficulties and also my son himself. He now adopts strategies to help himself. All of this has really made a profound difference to his well-being.
Despite the difficult experiences my son has had in the past with health professionals, he has grown to completely trust Moyna and value her advice.