Moyna supported my Health and Social Care learners during lockdown providing a virtual workshop about the challenges faced by autistic children and how best to support and enable them to flourish.
The session was inspiring, the students felt at ease and asked lots of insightful questions which Moyna answered expertly. As a result, the group felt empowered to complete their coursework featuring a case study discussed with Moyna in her session. This was a brilliant workshop that helped the students engage at the most challenging time.

Thank you Moyna, your expertise, energy and enthusiasm were a welcome contagion in my class!

Mrs Victoria PerryHead of Performing Arts and Health and Social Care at Shirley High School

“I had an assessment carried out by Moyna Talcer. Moyna was extremely focused, organised and on task. She acted in a very calm and professional way and if I felt uneasy at any point about the assessment, Moyna would very easily make me feel comfortable again about the task or activity I was completing. I would recommend Moyna to anyone!”.