Moyna is such a fantastic Occupational Therapist. I have followed her Facebook page as a fellow OT for several years. She has been more than happy to assist me on a couple of occasions when I’ve reached out to her with questions, which included a lengthy phone conversation about designing a sensory therapy space. I am now in the process of kitting our my own therapy space and many of Moyna’s hints and tips have been helpful! Thank you Moyna.

Bryher Tamsyn HillOccupational Therapist

‘Moyna is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her clinical expertise and experience have greatly enriched the approach we are using in the service we are providing, and her advice and observations around sensory integration in particular have been invaluable. I personally value Moyna’s integrity as a clinician and practitioner, her carefully considered support and general positive energy . Her clear passion and commitment to improving quality of life for individuals is inspiring.’

Dr Steven CarnabyDirector & Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by Moyna on two occasions in my career. The first was in my first paediatric locum placement after I relocated to the UK from South Africa. Moyna’s passion for the children was truly inspiring and her wealth of knowledge on such a broad range of conditions inspired me to start my own post graduate studies”.
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Kirsty NewmanMentee

“Moyna was my mentor and supervisor whilst I was working towards my Advanced Practitioner qualification in Sensory Integration Therapy. She was a huge source of support and guidance to me during a very challenging time in my career progression. The input she offered me was invaluable and she demonstrated to me her in-depth knowledge of her role as a mentor, and the subject matter.”
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Emma MocreiOT Senior Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Mentee

“Moyna’s specialist knowledge is second to none and the results of the sessions were beyond expectations in terms of the children’s balance, coordination, sequencing, core strength and fine motor skills. The sessions were well planned, structured and engaging, and her approach was open, friendly, enthusiastic and professional at all times. Her sessions were structured in such a way that they were organised but also allowed room for creative freedom and expression which resulted in the children having a sense of ownership and gave them an enormous sense of wellbeing”.

Miss Emily WalkerColleague Teacher