Yvonne Newbold, Parent and Author “The Special Parents Handbook”

“Moyna was like a breath of fresh air when we met her. She immediately put my child at their ease with her genuine warmth and friendliness, and made the whole assessment process seem much more like a laughter-filled playtime session than a clinic appointment.  Moyna has a rare gift with children, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

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Roberta, Parent

“Moyna has been fantastic in helping us to understand our son’s strengths and difficulties and her expert knowledge, understanding and empathy are clear to see. Moyna has always responded extremely rapidly to emails and shared her knowledge freely to help achieve better outcomes for our son”.

Rachael, Parent

“I have seen such an improvement in my son’s reaction to the sensory issues that bother him, and our family feels more able to identify causes of meltdowns and put something in place to help prevent them going forward.  I would totally recommend anyone whose child has ASD and sensory issues to work with Moyna.”

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Abi, 13 years old, Client

“I had an assessment carried out by Moyna Talcer. Moyna was extremely focused, organised and on task. She acted in a very calm and professional way and if I felt uneasy at any point about the assessment, Moyna would very easily make me feel comfortable again about the task or activity I was completing. I would recommend Moyna to anyone!”

Miss Emily Walker, Colleague and Teacher

Moyna’s specialist knowledge is second to none and the results of the sessions were beyond expectations in terms of the children’s balance, coordination, sequencing, core strength and fine motor skills. The sessions were well planned, structured and engaging, and her approach was open, friendly, enthusiastic and professional at all times. Her sessions were structured in such a way that they were organised but also allowed room for creative freedom and expression which resulted in the children having a sense of ownership and gave them an enormous sense of wellbeing.”

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Emma Mocrei, BSc. (Hons) OT Senior Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Mentee

“Moyna was my mentor and supervisor whilst I was working towards my Advanced Practitioner qualification in Sensory Integration Therapy.  She was a huge source of support and guidance to me during a very challenging time in my career progression.  The input she offered me was invaluable and she demonstrated to me her in-depth knowledge of her role as a mentor, and the subject matter.”

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Sensory Processing and ASD workshop participant

“Moyna went above and beyond for this course!, I now know what has been causing the behaviours I am seeing both at work and at home with my son. I am so fascinated to learn more on this topic. Thank you!”

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Kirsty Newman, Mentee

“I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by Moyna on two occasions in my career. The first was in my first paediatric locum placement after I relocated to the UK from South Africa. Moyna’s passion for the children was truly inspiring and her wealth of knowledge on such a broad range of conditions inspired me to start my own post graduate studies. I was fortunate enough to be mentored again by Moyna many years later when I was assigned to be mentored by her during my final Sensory Integration Module. Moyna was able to skilfully guide me in my clinical reasoning and in my ability to provide effective Sensory Integration Therapy. Her input and feedback was invaluable”

Anna, Mother of 14 year old child with Autism and Dyspraxia

“Thank you so much for all of your help towards getting my daughter an EHCP Plan (Education and Health Care Plan), the report itself received fantastic reviews from other professionals including SCOPE and my child’s case worker! I am so glad and grateful for all of your help and can not thank you enough. This was the best choice I could have made for my child and will hopefully change the course of her future! “

Lisa, Mother of child with Autism and Dyspraxia

“Moyna was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and approachable from the very first phone call. I felt completely at ease discussing all of my issues and concerns with her, and felt an enormous sense of relief that I had found the right person for the job. The venue was a lovely environment for my son to be assessed in, and we both felt relaxed and happy there. The in-depth report was completed in a very small time-frame, which was a lovely surprise. I would recommend Moyna’s services to anyone. The suggestions she made and programmes she designed have made a huge impact on our lives. Thank you! “

Helen, Mother of child with epilepsy, and sensory processing disorder

” I believe Moyna has done an excellent job in assessing our son, capturing his experiences and highlighted his needs. I feel it is the first time in his long history of intervention that he has been grasped so accurately and holistically. We do hope the report will now help those working with him to appreciate his specific needs and more readily provide the support and interventions he so needs “